DNS settings

When you type in a web site address into your browser, how does it know where to go to find the site? It is done through a global system of databases that keep a record of where every web site is located. These databases match your web site address with its domain name server (DNS), so when a request comes to go to your site, you can be routed to the exact server that has your pages.

If you have purchased your domain through us, it will already be set for the world to be able to find you on our servers. If you are transferring a site, or purchased the domain from another provider, you may need to update this information so people surfing the web can be routed properly.

You will need to go to the company that you first purchased the domain with and update the DNS settings. The settings you will use are:



After you change the DNS it will take a while for the databases of the web to update, a process called propagation. It can take 24-72 hours for the full process, so you may not be able to get to your web site with its domain name (e.g. yourdomain.com) during that period.

You may wish to transfer maintenance of your domain to Liggett Online in order to keep everything with one company. We will help you renew and maintain your domain as well as your site.