How many logins do I have?!

One thing you will soon discover is having a website means you end up with a lot of log ins. Here we will try to break it down for you.

When you register with Liggett Online, you will create a client log in (1st log in). This gives you access to the client area where you manage issues with your billing account and other issues related to your relationship with Liggett Online.

After you transfer or set up a domain hosting account with us, you will receive a log in to your Cpanel area (2nd log in). The Cpanel is where you will maintain files related to your website(s), create email accounts, and do other things related to site administration. However, the recommended way to access the Cpanel does not require you to know this second log in.

Depending upon the kind of website you set up, for example, if you have a WordPress managed site, you may have a log in into the administrative area of your webpage (3rd log in). It is within WordPress that you manage the content of your website.

Each serves its purpose, but it can be confusing to the new user, so hopefully this helps to clarify.