Steps for transferring an existing website to Liggett Online

While it is not difficult to transfer your site to Liggett Online, there are several steps that might seem a bit mysterious. Here we will remove the mystery.

The first step is to register with Liggett Online. Enter your contact information to establish a client account. After registration, you will be taken to the Client Area. Here you can see a summary of any support tickets you have submitted and a summary of your account standing with us. You will want to make note of your client login for the future.

To move your existing website select “Order New Services” from the navigation menu at the top under “Services.” Here you can browse through the hosting products and services we offer. You will need a hosting plan for your site, so select that option from the list of products and select the hosting plan to fit your needs. Click “Order Now.” Enter the domain name for your site you plan to transfer, and follow the on-screen prompts.

If you need a secure site, for example for ecommerce, you will also want to click the “Services” option and add the SSL certificate and the dedicated IP to your order. If you wish us to help you set up a WordPress site or got access to the SiteBuilder, select one of those as well. If you do want these services we will be in contact with you to discuss your needs at length so we can build you the site that works best.

After you are finished selecting your package, click “View Cart” and finish the check out process. After payment is confirmed a ticket is created on our system which we will review and act upon right away. You will receive notices along the way by email letting you know where your order is in the process.

With your account created with Liggett Online, we now need to transfer your existing site to our servers. After your account is created with us you will get a detailed email giving you instructions on how to access your Cpanel, the administrative access to your hosting area. If you have used Cpanel in the past and are comfortable, simply move your website files to the public_html folder using the file manager program in Cpanel or your favorite FTP program.

If that sounds like gibberish to you, no worries, we can help. We can move your files, but our technicians will need to be able to access your current website files. You were given a security login to your old website. You may need to contact your previous host for details. To have us move the files, create a support ticket and provide us the login, and we will transfer the files for you.

After your files are on our servers, the next step is to let the world know where to find your new website. This is done by changing your DNS settings (domain name server). When you purchased your URL, or website address, you likely went through a company like Dotster or GoDaddy or a similar domain registrar. Go back to that registrar and login to their system (if necessary, contact their support techs). Update the DNS settings to the following servers:

It might take as long as 48 hours before these settings fully take effect; the process is called propagation. What is happening is all the master database settings for the entire web need to update your address so when someone enters your URL the servers know where to send the visitor to get your site. These settings let the world know you are now on the Liggett Online servers.

Another note, if you are registering your domain (URL) with one of those other companies, do not forget that you need to renew the domain periodically. You can transfer the registration of your domain to Liggett Online, and we will make sure that your site is renewed as needed. Obviously, if you are with one of the other companies we cannot register your domain for you. We offer very competitive domain registration fees and strongly encourage you to let us be your registrar.

After you have confirmed that your site is being directed properly to our servers you can cancel your former hosting plan, and begin saving money and enjoying our great service. Welcome aboard!